Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dream or Vision?

So, at about 4:00 this morning, Emily comes into my room and wakes me up. In my groggy state I hear something about how Schelby isn't in her crib. I make a noise to indicate I heard her and then she tells me there's a boy in there. Now I'm awake. What boy? I ask her. That boy in Schelby's crib, she answers. Assuming she has had a dream, but still a little curious, I follow her into her room. She points at the crib and says, "That boy." Then she stops, pauses, and says, "He turned back into Schelby." Ok, so I tuck her back into bed and she seems fine, albeit a little baffled by what she just saw, or thinks she saw. I go back to bed and a few minutes later Emily sneaks into the hallway, turns on the light, and runs back to her bed. I go into her room to tuck her in again and tell her to stay in bed and she mentions the boy again. I ask her if she wants to tell me more about it and she says, "That boy looked like baby Noah." She definitely had my attention. Ever since Schelby was born I've felt like I would have one more baby and that it would be a boy. Lately, I've been wondering if maybe we should just be done. So, it could have been just a random dream of a 3-year old, or perhaps a little reminder. Who knows?