Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Hubby's Travels

John just got back from Washington DC and I missed him so much it was like being without one of my limbs. This picture is of him and his best friend, Brent, who used to be his boss in Fillmore. Brent lives in DC now.

John brought me home a poster of some beautiful Japanese art, which we both love, and a T-shirt, which I asked for. He also brought home really sweet gifts for the kids and Lisa and my Mom. Really thoughtful gifts, too, not just lame souvenirs. And he told me several times that as he was experiencing the incredible sights in DC, he was wishing I was there with him because it would have meant more. How sweet is that? I, of course, was wishing I was there, too. We have yet to take a really cool trip like that together. I've always wanted to take an extended Church History tour. I've seen a few of the sights in Missouri (Independence, Liberty Jail, Far West, Adam-Ondi-Ahman...I have no idea if I spelled that right), and they were amazing, but I've always dreamed of seeing Nauvoo and Palmyra. Someday.

This week John is in Mississippi for a computer crimes conference. I'm feeling like a single parent these last couple of weeks. I'll be so glad when he's home and doesn't have to travel for a while. I miss him.

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Brittany said...

That is so cool he gets to travel! Post more pictures!!

OK- I'll see you on Friday at 1:30!